The Registered Investment Advisor event series brings together US based independent advisors with a minimum of $200 in AUM for networking and learning at one day, panel discussion driven and geographically based summits all over the country. CFP credits are offered.

Southeast RIA Summit

Atlanta, Georgia

4 October, 2022

Washington RIA Summit

Seattle, Washington

20 October, 2022

San Francisco RIA Summit

San Francisco, California

17 November, 2022

Colorado RIA Summit

Denver, Colorado

29 November, 2022

Florida RIA Summit

Tampa, Florida

7 December, 2022

Los Angeles RIA Summit

Los Angeles, California

19 January, 2023

Washington DC RIA Summit

Washington, D.C.

8 February, 2023

Midwest RIA Summit

Chicago, IL

23 March, 2023

Massachusetts RIA Summit

Boston, MA

4 April, 2023

New York RIA Summit

New York, NY

4 May, 2023

Ohio RIA Summit

Columbus, Ohio

8 June, 2023


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